Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My new treasures

Remember these items from this post http://smalltowncrafts.blogspot.com/2010/02/i-went-antiquing-with-my-mother-in-law.html.
Well these were my wish list items. After a dredded all day yard sale I cleaned out my house, sold my old table (finally), and made just the right amount to get my oh so coveted pieces. No joke, I dreamed about them, my husband finds that odd. I'm convinced it's totally normal!

My new kitchen table!! After buying my old table 4 years ago, I immediately decided I didn't like the bar height and wished and dreamed about the day I would get a round pedastal table. Yes my old table was in a home where he wasn't appreciated and took a lot of abuse (it was 3 different colors, what can I say, I tried to fall in love with it. No Bueno, So it goes on to a new home, where I'm almost positive the new owner will love and appreciate it, she was stoked to buy it. So here is my one true love, we've only eaten at it about 5 times. I want to savor the prettyness for as long as I can so I ve been making the fam eat at the island where we admire the new table!

Ignore the unvacummed carpet, and the wires, oh and the sub woffer on it's side. Admire the red beauty that holds the Hubby's pride and joy. Isn't she georgeous?!? I'm so lucky to have such a unique and sturdy piece. Don't worry the wires and sub woffer don't have a permanent hiding place yet. The husband has informed me that ALL technical work is to be done by him! Apparantly when I "mess" with it (yes his words hehe) the surround doesn't sound right to him and the pixels or whatever is off. Bla bla bla I try to tell him it couldn't be me because I listen to his rule of Do not touch, hench the mess of wires.


  1. I LOVE your new treasures and am trying not to be jealous. I need some new furniture around here!

  2. So cute...i love the table....mine is like your old one i think...i think ill keep it until my kids are much more mature! i love the tv stand...LOVE it!


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