Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Luck!

Easy Flower Display

Tall Candle holder found at a yard sale for $1!

Pretty Silk Flowers, I've had them for years, so I can't remember how much they were

Of course lots of little beauty's (Eventually I want to add some large fake crystals)

Large vase I got on sale at Walmart for about $3! Didn't know what I was gonna do with it, but the price was too good!

Stack them together


Add your flowers! And u have a Beautiful centerpiece! All for about $4 bucks! (well maybe a little more, but hey most of it is recycled)
I'm picturing large crystals throughout the stems, wonder if i can find those on sale somewhere? hmmmm................

Saturday, February 27, 2010

St. Patty's Day Wreath

I realize the 1st pic makes the wreath look a little shiney, so here's and up close of the fabric I used, I love how it's transparent with Glittery Clovers. I'm really say that I ran out of this fabric, I had other plans with the left overs :(

Refurbished Serving Trays

I have recently discoverd the wonders of Modpodge, I got a little crazy one day and Modpoged everything that I could think of! My Favorites were these trays. The White one was so cute, but had paint peeling up and had black marks, My first plan was to repaint it, either white, or a color that would stand out. That's when the Modpoge obsession started. So I got some cute scrap book paper and cut it to size. Then as I was thinking of what to do next while i still had modpodge and a we brush I remembered my all time favorite tray! This black beauty I've had for years, I begged my husband for it for forever until he cracked and gave in. (got it at Chrissy's Cottage, cutest shop) It was Black and White Damask in the middle, to die for, right?!? Well I used it a few months back to put my Scentsy warmer on, it was in a low u see where I'm going with this? Yes, my little boys little fingers have magnets attached to them which draw them to wax. Since the Scentsy wax has oils in it, it ruined the top of the tray. It was a very sad day for me, So I put it away, in hopes that one day it would be fixed. This was that day, and what a wonderful day it was!! I used fabric on this one tho, but I love the way it turned out. But if I ever find a really pretty Damask print then this baby will return to it's original form!

Oh How could I forget...........

The Dressers would be so Fab in my Boys room!


I went Antiquing with my Mother in law this morning! I wish it was almost Christmas....or my Birthday....Cause I have a wish list! Isn't mother's day coming up?!? Enjoy all of the pictures of the cutest things on Earth, that I can't have :(

I fell in love with this Table! I've been wanting a round pedastal for about 3 years now, Hint Hint Hubby!
Oh and the Red sofa table, a wonderful find my Mother in law saw. This is my main goal, it would make the cutest TV stand! I'm Planning on having a yard sale in the next couple weeks, so I'll keep you all Updated!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fetish!!

Lately I have been making headbands, hairbows, hairclips, etc. non stop. They are perfect for birthdays, Thank you gifts, Mothers day. (Even payment for babysitting, and being a hair model hehe) My sister made a few with me one day and while she was working a lady asked her if we could make her grandaughters some for Easter!! Yay, I was so excited when she called me, So now I have to get to brainstorming! One of the little girls is only a year, so I'm super excited to make some Baby Bows. When you have 2 boys, and 0 girls you miss out on that kind of stuff. Girls have all the fun, and get all the cutesy things. Although monster trucks and superheroes are pretty awesome, just ask my boys. Anyways, enjoy these few pics of pretty pieces, I have a feeling I'm gonna be up to my ears in hairpieces! (Maybe a Giveaway........we shall see..)

Special Thanks to my Awesome niece Ali (Babysitter/Hairmodel)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time to spice up those boring lamp shades!

I have these two lamps, which I love, but they were just so plain. I had them in our bedroom as side table lamp, but the Husband complains that they take up too much room. He likes to have lots of room for his "stuff". So I let that one go....Ok Scott that table is your domain. So I put his lamp on my sofa table in the living room. Now my room looked odd with only 1 lamp, so I moved mine too. Now they are both in the living room and I had to figure out a way to make them stand out. So here they are.....I'm not sure if i'm done with them, i'm thinking little black flowers on the sides of the white...maybe

I love the bases, and the lamp shades are such a pretty color, just too boring

So, tell me what you think, are they good the way they are, or do they need a little bit more?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holiday Topiary's

I fell in love with these Topiary's, aren't they just perfect!! You can check them out, and so many other cute things at
I loved them so much, I had to try it out. Who knew the dollar store had so many things! St. Pattys day and Easter are always forgotten Holidays around here (in the Decor dept. at least) Halloween and Christmas are my Major holliday's where the house gets a total make over. I'm so excited to add some more projects to the forgotten Holiday's in the weeks to come.

Aren't they just Beauty's?

These are my copy cats, I added bows to them and my Clovers are green and white, I really wanted the green, but couldn't find them ANYWHERE! Still, turned out pretty darn cute!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oops......hit publish post a little too soon!

Anyways!! Welcome to my new Blog, I am so excited to start this, I have been wanting to for a while, but where to find the time....So now is as good as ever! At least this way i will be more motivated to finish and to try some more challenging projects. The post below is a before and after pic of a canvas painting I had. I loved it before, but the gold wasn't my everyday style. I usually use gold around the Hollidays, and this just didn't scream Christmas. So I decided to make it a littler more personal, to suit my Family, of course! More to come.............

A little bit more personal

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