Friday, February 26, 2010

New Fetish!!

Lately I have been making headbands, hairbows, hairclips, etc. non stop. They are perfect for birthdays, Thank you gifts, Mothers day. (Even payment for babysitting, and being a hair model hehe) My sister made a few with me one day and while she was working a lady asked her if we could make her grandaughters some for Easter!! Yay, I was so excited when she called me, So now I have to get to brainstorming! One of the little girls is only a year, so I'm super excited to make some Baby Bows. When you have 2 boys, and 0 girls you miss out on that kind of stuff. Girls have all the fun, and get all the cutesy things. Although monster trucks and superheroes are pretty awesome, just ask my boys. Anyways, enjoy these few pics of pretty pieces, I have a feeling I'm gonna be up to my ears in hairpieces! (Maybe a Giveaway........we shall see..)

Special Thanks to my Awesome niece Ali (Babysitter/Hairmodel)

1 comment:

  1. Melissa
    Ainslee wants smaller flowers that are more flat as hair clips(does that make sense?) I would say about a little bigger then the size of a quarter. also do you have any barrette ideas? shes more of a barrette person :)
    good luck with your budding business :0)
    love mom


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