Saturday, February 27, 2010

Refurbished Serving Trays

I have recently discoverd the wonders of Modpodge, I got a little crazy one day and Modpoged everything that I could think of! My Favorites were these trays. The White one was so cute, but had paint peeling up and had black marks, My first plan was to repaint it, either white, or a color that would stand out. That's when the Modpoge obsession started. So I got some cute scrap book paper and cut it to size. Then as I was thinking of what to do next while i still had modpodge and a we brush I remembered my all time favorite tray! This black beauty I've had for years, I begged my husband for it for forever until he cracked and gave in. (got it at Chrissy's Cottage, cutest shop) It was Black and White Damask in the middle, to die for, right?!? Well I used it a few months back to put my Scentsy warmer on, it was in a low u see where I'm going with this? Yes, my little boys little fingers have magnets attached to them which draw them to wax. Since the Scentsy wax has oils in it, it ruined the top of the tray. It was a very sad day for me, So I put it away, in hopes that one day it would be fixed. This was that day, and what a wonderful day it was!! I used fabric on this one tho, but I love the way it turned out. But if I ever find a really pretty Damask print then this baby will return to it's original form!


  1. very cute... I love the paper that you used! : )

  2. Cute, Cute, Cute! Don't you just love saving something that was destined for the trash?

    Thanks for linking!

  3. Melissa,
    Those are very cool! The Podge is a beautiful thing!
    happy crafting,


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