Sunday, March 21, 2010

Paper Book Wreath

I have FINALLY done it, I've cracked under all the preassure and make a paper book wreath. I've been seeing them everywhere lately, and was fed up with being jealous that I didn't have one of these little beauty's. So I put all my chores aside for 1 day (or 2 hehe) to make me one. Yes, they are that time consuming. By the way, do not use your fingers to hold any of the papers in place after hot gluing them. Pencils only should be used, I learned the hard way. So here it is! Can't wait to hang her up!

Yes, I know, what am I thinking, don't worry, i had an extra copy.

I painted the edges of the book for and aged look. I wanna do a smaller wreath for my entryway, but I might do coffee on that one..........

I just rolled the papers up all different ways

I'm in love with how full it looks

I picked up this large picture frame for 50 cents at a thrift store. I told my hubby I wanted to paint it Black, but he told me it goes really well with the "look" of the paper. I think for once he may be right....It needs a good cleaning though of course.

I just want to apologize for all my UNDONE projects, were currently living in the guest house of my inlaws, and I don't want to put holes in there walls since we're only here temporarily. So If you all stay with me, you'll see the out come of all my many projects. We just have to find our perfect house first!

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