Sunday, March 21, 2010

Picture Perfect Calendar

I have had this picture frame lying around forever. Shortly after I got it the glass shattered, so it sat around waiting for a project to pop in my mind. (it was very patient) Then it hit me! A perfect project calendar, Somewhere to organize all my projects. I'm very big on planning ahead, but I'm also very forgetfull. I usually write down millions of project to do, or recipes, or fun things for the kids. But then it'll get stashed away, colored on, or tore up (gotta love a dog). This way I can pick about 15 things to do, and get it done. For example: Wednesdays I do crafts with the kids, My preschooler is off of school that day, so It's the perfect day to keep them occupied. Friday's are my hair accessories day. Tuesday's and Thursday's I like to do any project during nap time, it's my ME time. And Mondays and some saturdays I like to do sewing projects. (curently doing curch clothes, Bow ties, kid ties, and The Hubby has donated a few of his winter sweaters to be mad into sweater vests, for him, not the children. lol. Although he has donated a few pairs of slacks for me to make the boys some cute vests and ties. Can't wait!
Wow, now that you all know a lot of details, I'll continue...... The picture frame was originally a cherry wood color, but the calendar that I bought clashed with it. I figured White I a beautiful clean color that goes with EVERYTHING! Then I used a neutral fabric to cover it. Nailed a nail into the top, and there you have it, the perfect Calendar holder. Perfect to use year after year. (Also such an easy Mother's day gift) shhhhhhh don't tell my mom.


  1. So im sad i didnt win...can you hear me crying! lol. I love your wreath!! i pined my with sewing neddles so i dide curse alot have no finger tips at the end. i love your framed calender. i am on that this week!

  2. Beautiful -- just beautiful! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!



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